Riverton Childcare Fees
5 p/hr over-two 
$6.50 p/hr under-two. 
30% discount for the second child.



The fees are:
5 p/hr over-two 

$6.50 p/hr under-two. 

There is a 30% discount for the second child in a family (usually the older child). 

There are also contract rates available for full time care:

$130 p/week over two
$155 p/week under two. 

For parents who are studying, on a low income or on a benefit WINZ subsidies
(of up to $5.22 p/hr) are also available.

Families are encouraged to use automatic payments and internet banking.

Our bank account details are: 060925-0356412-02 Riverton Childcare 

Fees are to be paid weekly unless other arrangements are made. Invoices are
not issued, unless requested. Best practise is to enquire about your account
balance and make weekly payments. Overdue fees can result in loss of
enrolment and will incur recovery costs.

20 Hours ECE


  All children over the age of three are entitled to 20 Hours ECE
care a week. A maximum of 6 hrs per day can be used.