Illness Procedure at Riverton Childcare has a register for recording illness and accidents

Illness Procedure

Illness procedure

The Manager will take all reasonable steps to ensure that any tamariki suffering from any infectious disease  is excluded from the Childcare. Parents agree on enrolment that “I will not bring my tamaiti to the Childcare  in the event of sickness or any infectious illness eg chicken pox, rubella, hepatitis, mumps etc. I will not bring  my tamaiti to the Childcare until 24 hrs after the last bout of vomiting or diarrhoea.” Any tamariki suffering from any disease (not covered by the statement above) or from any ailment, illness or condition that affects the tamaiti health may be excluded from attending the Childcare at the discretion of the Manager, for any appropriate period.   If kaiako are concerned about a tamaiti wellness and a temperature of over 38 degrees is recorded, we will notify a parent and cool tamaiti off by removing layers of clothing and offering fluids. If temperature does not drop it is recommended that the tamaiti goes home.  

ISOLATION: Any tamaiti requiring temporary isolation will be cared for away from other tamariki until  such time as their parent or emergency contact can be reached to pick them up.  Can use couch in outside classroom (or Explorers’ non-contact room) or somewhere where the tamaiti is away from other tamariki,  supervised and able to lie down comfortably. 

MEDICINE: We do not encourage the dispensing of medication by kaiako for illnesses. If a tamaiti is ill enough to require medication, then we recommend that they do not attend the Childcare. 

Written authority for Category (i) medicines will be given by signing on enrolment.  Written authority for Category (ii) medicines will be given on the day detailing the name of the medicine, the method and the dose and the or specific circumstances when it is to be given. Written authority for Category (iii) medicines will be given at enrolment as part of an individual health plan, or when condition becomes apparent.

The medicine record will have space for date, name, medicine, amount, time to be given, authorised by and somewhere to sign when it has been dispensed. A second kaiako signature is required to confirm dispensing.


Riverton Childcare has a register for recording illness and accidents that occur to tamariki (children), kaiako (teachers) or other persons
whilst they are at Childcare.