Lunchbox Guideline at Riverton Childcare

Lunchbox Guidelines

lunchbox guidelines

  • Sandwiches, fruit, cheese, yoghurts, vegetables, salads, leftovers from last night’s tea etc are all highly recommended
  • Meal, sandwiches, yoghurt etc are to be eaten first followed by fruit. 
  • We recommend that tamariki do not bring “occasional food”. However, if they do these will only be given as the last option. Only one packet (eg muesli bar, chippies, LCM bar) and one sweet food (eg muffin or a biscuit)
  • EXPLORERS’ ROOM: Please no popcorn, nuts, dried sultanas and whole grapes in lunchboxes. These will not be given to tamariki in the Explorers’ room.
  • Any uneaten food is put back in lunchboxes.
  • If your tamaiti does not have enough lunch, we will make them a sandwich or provide an extra piece of fruit. If we provide your tamaiti with extra food a note will go home in their lunchbox.
  • Water is supplied for the tamariki. Water bottles are not recommended.
  • Please no lollies, chocolate bars, juice, fizz or flavoured milk at Childcare.