Risk Assessment for walking trips at Riverton Chilcare. Parents give their permission.

Risk Assessment for Walking Trips


Parents give their permission on the enrolment form; giving specific approval to the adult:tamaiti ratio that will be used and agreeing to risk assessment below.
Impromptu walking trips will be no more than 1:5 ratio.


What might go wrong:  Tamaiti lost 

How can we minimise risk? Maintain ratios,

Regular head counts, 

Holding hands, pairing up, 

Clearly identify who is leaving Childcare – identified on daysheet at Childcare

If more than one kaiako (eg more than five children) are leaving the Childcare, each adult given a list of tamariki they are responsible for

Emergency plans?  Carry mobile phone, notify Childcare immediately


What might go wrong:  Tamariki hurt/injured; walking to pool; crossing road; traffic

How can we minimise risk? Sensible walking feet – staying behind the lead teacher

Identifying areas of potential danger  – eg watch the step

Walk on footpath, cross road in sensible spot

Emergency plans?   Carry first aid kit, carry mobile phone

What might go wrong:    Tamariki have medical  emergency

How can we minimise risk? If tamaiti with IHP goes, their medication should go too

All kaiako aware of specific health issues

Emergency plans?     Carry medication,  regular review of IHPs

What might go wrong:    Natural disaster

How can we minimise risk? Have prepared evacuation plan

Emergency plans?     Carry mobile phone,  carry first aid kit


What might go wrong:  Potential risk to personal  safety

How can we minimise risk?  Tamariki aware who their helpers and teachers are 

Nametags in big groups

Teachers vigilant about whereabout  of tamariki

Emergency plans? Notify Childcare immediately, carry mobile phone